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2017-11-06 13:48

Five days training for project members, 26th-30th of October

This October our host was Ruskin Mill Trust. We had the opportunity to get to know their education method, the special PSTE - Practical Skill Therapeutic Education program, that helps students suffering from complex behaviour and learning difficulties.
See the photos about the training in the galleries.

2015-11-11 09:54

GAK participated in a project dissemination event

The ECO-Motive project was presented at the IKSZT conference on 25 September 2015 in Budapest. The Integrated Community Facility Program (IKSZT) includes approx. 1000 settlements with less than 5000 inhabitants in Hungary, where multifunctional community centers operate. During the discussion experiences of local development projects were shared with the participation of stakeholder NGOs with rural development and social inclusion aims.

2015-10-10 14:22

2nd Focusgroup meeting, Gödöllő

GAK Nonprofit Public Utility organised the second focusgroup meeting in September. The participants are working with disadvantaged people - local governments, various organisations, and in frame of this kind of meetings they share with us their precious experiencies. This time the main questions were, what are the most useful motivation and educational methods they use, and how to find the suitable trainers.

2015-10-10 11:20

2nd International meeting, Manresa

Our successful 2nd international meeting of the Eco-motive project was organised in Catalonia, Spain, 8-10 June 2015.
See the summary of this: /sites/default/files/2nd_int_meet_minutes.pdf

2015-08-27 10:35

Teachers' workshop

On 18-19-21 May 2015 we successfully arranged the teachers' workshop in Gödöllő. The participants were university teachers and professional partners (would-be teachers). The first day was about social sensitisation with situation games, looking for feelings, attitudes and opinion. The second and third days' topic was adult learning and motivation, giving useful advices, tools for teaching low-skilled adults and general methodology wich can be applied to teaching ecological farming.
See the photos about this event in the galleries.

2015-06-18 12:17

1st multiplier event in Manresa

Our catalan partner ( arranged their first multiplier event in frame of the ECO-Motive project on April 2015. They had meeting on social gardens and course on organic rabbit farming, wich was the first course on this issue in Catalonia.
See the pictures about this event in the galleries.

2015-06-17 15:13

1st multiplier event by Civitas

On 8 April Civitas Foundation ( arranged their 1st multipier event in connection with ECO-Motive project. The programme was grafting of fruit trees, and they involved unemployed young people and disadvantaged youngsters from the rural area of Udvarhely sub region.
You can see pictures about the successful event in the galleries.

2015-06-17 10:07

1st Focusgroup meeting, Gödöllő

The first focusgroup meeting took place in Gödöllő on 17th March 2015, where we invited experts dealing with disadvantaged people and local governments experienced in agricultural public employement. Their experiences are very useful to our future training-the trainers teaching curriculum and teaching methods. 
See the photos in the galleries.

2015-04-04 11:43

ECO-Motive 1st International meeting, Gödöllő

We organized our first International meeting on January 14-15-16. See the summary of this.

2014-12-18 13:59

XXVII. Bioculture Scientific Day

Our project represented at the XXVII. Bioculture Scientific Day, the program (in Hungarian):

2014-12-11 15:08

Project plan

2014-12-09 09:10